Thanks, Bening Communication team for today’s awards

Over two months ago on my way to the office, I got a call from a lady who claimed to be from CMO Asia. She said to have talked to various brands asking them about PR agencies in Indonesia and many of the brands mentioned Bening Communication. She then asked me about a lot of things–our clients, the range of fees we charged to the clients, company’s vision and many more–to the level that I felt a bit ‘annoyed’.

And earlier this month, I received an email from Dr R L Bhatia, Founder Patron, CMO Asia, notifying that Bening Communication would be presented with the prestigious INDONESIA BEST BRAND AWARD. The email also said that the award was to be given to the “brands and marketers who have achieved extraordinary success from innovative and effective marketing practices in Indonesia” and “the Awards would be based not only on financial valuation but by consumer preferences also.”

I was honored that this morning I represented the company to receive The Indonesia Best Brand Award and The Best PR Agency of The Year Award from CMO Asia, and stood on the stage with other awardees representing leading brands such as Telkom, PGN, Telin, Blibli, Kaskus, LinkNet, Bhinneka, Takeda, WWF and many more.

I said in my brief remarks that we were blessed to receive the awards after just half a year ago we celebrated the company’s 10th year anniversary. We couldn’t achieve this without the team’s strong commitment and hard work, I added.

I often say to our clients that I’m just an ‘orchestrator’ at Bening Communication. The real players behind all the works produced for our clients are all Bening Communication team members who always work tirelessly and collaboratively, whom the company’s future will depend on.